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Best Fun Splashing Summer Pool Party Ideas

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Best Fun Splashing Summer Pool Party Ideas

The best way to cool down during a hot summer day is by taking a dip in the pool. What’s even better? Hosting your very own pool party! This blog post will share some fun splashing summer pool party ideas that are perfect for keeping you and your guests cool. We cover you, from suitable furniture and decor items to area rugs and window treatments. So gather your friends and family and get ready to party!

This summer, it’s time to make a big splash! To beat the heat, throw your pool party. We’ve gathered many fun ideas to make your pool party pop, whether above ground or below ground.

1. Themed Party

Have a theme! Whether it’s a beach party, pool party, or just a summer bash, having a theme will help you plan your invitations, decorations, food and drinks, games, and activities. You can even have a movie night pool parties and show a classic summer flick on an inflatable screen.

2. Tablescape With A Boho Feel

As the saying goes, “A family that eats together stays together,” so set up a long, low table and bring rugs outside for an extremely family-style lunch. The more mud cloth and floor pillows you have on hand, the better. These summer pool party ideas will bring your family and friends close together.

3. Set Up An Ice Cream Parlor

The summer has become hotter. Do you have any idea what it means? It means that your guests would require more ice cream. The only dessert you’ll need for a summer pool party is an ice cream bar. From unique sprinkle blends to mini waffle cones and charming cups to the sweetest handmade walnut ice cream cone holder, there are so many charming products for an ice cream bar.

For a more grown-up party, try setting up an ice cream parlor. All you need is some ice cream, favorite toppings, and a few fun flavors like birthday cake, cookies, and cream. Don’t forget the spoons!

4. Outdoor Picnic

Broaden the definition of your picnic beyond the basket! Place a cute rug or outdoor blanket just on the grass. To help create the pool party atmosphere, add throw pillows, candles, flowers, and other cute decor items. You can also place outdoor rugs under the table and chairs for more comfort.

5. Put Out Some Punch

Fruit punch is the essence of a summer pool party. The perfect combination or contrast of sweet, tart, and sparkly fruity punch is perfect for a hot summer day. It’ll look even better if we serve it in a bronze bowl with such a spoon.

6. Decorate Your Bar Cart

You’d have to agree that turning an old door into an outdoor bar requires much more imagination. So, for your backyard pool party, let’s keep the drinks flowing by setting up your bar cart outdoors. Top it with various palm leaves and tropical flowers to make it extra summary.

7. Fun Floaties

What pool party would be complete without a dazzling array of oversized pool floats? If your party has a theme, pick floaties that match the theme, such as swans, flamingos, unicorns, or food-shaped floaties.

8. Add A Plush Seating

It is indeed great if your party is as colorful as feasible. Even though some guests will be in the pool, you should set up bright and patterned pillows and blankets on the deck for a poolside picnic and extra lounging. To add a nice touch to your pool party decor, customize these outdoor pillows with fun summer quotes and sayings.

9. Add Water Balloons

For extra summer fun, fill up water balloons ahead of time and set them out in a bucket for guests to use throughout the party. Be sure to have plenty on hand, as water balloon fights are bound to break out!

10. String Lights

Make your party twinkle! For a sweet glow, hang special string lights around your house or backyard. Your pool party will be magical once the sun starts to set.

11. Fire Up The Grill

Grilling is a summertime tradition for many families. Add some delicious burgers and hot dogs to your party menu and let guests enjoy the best part of summer!

12. Sundae Bar

A sundae bar is a great way to beat the summer heat. These sweet treats are sure to be a hit with the crowd. Fill your pantry with your fave toppings and flavors for endless possibilities.

13. Pops Of Color

Decorate your party space with pops of color. From the tables to the pool, a little color can go a long way. Bright summer accent color and decorations are used. Make your outdoor space pop with pinks, yellows, blues, and greens, from outdoor pillows to balloons.

14. Keep The Food Light

Make some delicious meals to serve poolside for your summer gather! Use ingredients that give off a tropical island vibe, including pineapple, mango, and avocado, to add many bright colors. Keep your meal light, so you don’t get too tired to swim later.

15. Frozen Drinks

Serve up some frosty beverages to keep guests cool all day long. Choose from a variety of recipes or let guests create their concoctions.

16. Fun In The Sun

Of course, no pool party is complete without some fun in the sun. Set up a few outdoor games to keep guests entertained. Volleyball, frisbee, and water balloons are always a hit.

Area Rugs

If your party is going to be an all-day affair, ensure you have some comfortable seating. Area rugs are a great way to add a pop of color and create a cozy gathering space. RugKnots has a great selection of outdoor rugs that are perfect for any pool party.

In Conclusion

With a little planning, your pool party will surely be a hit. Following these simple tips, you can create a fun and festive atmosphere that keeps guests cool all day long.

What are your favorite pool party ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

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